House And Land Packages – More Affordable Than A House In Auckland

As a result of a recent Productivity Commission’s inquiry into home affordability, the New Zealand Government is currently working on ways to reduce house prices. Auckland is seen as the worst affected city in New Zealand. Currently Auckland is ranked as one of the World’s most expensive cities to live, with house prices around six times the average wage of the people living there.

This discussion is not new. Over the last 10 years New Zealand has been part of a property boom that has seen house prices increase all over the Country. In fact when incomes are considered, many of New Zealand’s centres have become expensive to live.

Reasons for the soaring cost of housing in New Zealand is varied. In Auckland is it primarily a case of supply and demand. To keep up with population growth, Auckland needs 14,000 new homes to be built each year. Currently, only about 7,000 new homes are making it to market, and therefore demand is not being met. This market anomaly drives up the price of housing.

The Commission’s report identified one of the problems as being a significant lack of land available for building new homes in Auckland. This is mainly due to Council promoting high density housing, rather than opening new parcels of land for development. This has resulted in more Auckland city suburbs reaching the million dollar mark. Other Councils across the country are also holding back land development to reduce the cost of infrastructure for services such as wastewater treatment.

The government plans to speed up the consent process for new homes, making it easier and cheaper; through changes to the Resource Management and Local Government Acts. This will take time however, and even the government is taking a cautious, go slow, approach so as not to affect house prices too quickly. The reason for this is that most New Zealanders have their house as a retirement investment. So change won’t be happening any time soon.

In the mean time, what many people are unaware of is that for half the price of an average house in an outlying Auckland suburb you can buy a house and land package in a coastal centre such as Gisborne. With house and land packages, developers have usually chosen stunning locations in new subdivisions. Not only do you get to choose your section, but you get a selection of house plans to choose from, all within your budget. Imagine living in one of sunniest parts of the Country, and having enough money left over to enjoy life.

The Gisborne District Council website outlines business opportunities in the region, and with nearly 3,000 existing businesses there are plenty of employment opportunities also. Envisage a new home, with a decent size section, and a low stress lifestyle. Moving out of the city is not only a great idea for you, but your family will benefit from moving away from the stresses of city life, especially the relentless traffic.

So if you are one of the unlucky people finding it difficult to find a decent property for your dollar, think about a house and land package in another centre to get more value for your money. With mortgage rates at an historic low, now is a great time to build.

Why It’s Great to Buy House and Land Packages

For those who want their dream house without all the hassle of contractors and home builders, you should look into the option of buying new house and land packages.

Display homes are usually used as a tool by marketing agencies to showcase how a certain house can be maximized. They are fully furnished and have all the things a home needs; furniture, plumbing, and electricity. Also, they are designed by professional interior designers. With only the best furniture and material used in the room, you can’t go wrong with display homes.

Purchasing a display home does not mean to say that you cannot personalize the house any way you want. Once you buy a display home for sale, you can refurnish, restyle and rearrange any way you want to. After all, it is your dream house and you can do with it what you will.

The main advantage of planning to have a new built-in house for sale is that you can buy it right off the market without any hassle. You can move in right away, and you won’t have to hire professional interior designers to decide on your furnishings, as this is already done for you. You also will not have to worry about how your furniture matches. Furthermore, cumbersome paperwork will be minimized. You will not have to find house builders to make your house. All you will have to do is move in and enjoy your new dream home.

There are many kinds of display homes for sale. You can choose a kind that is right for your needs. You can even purchase house and land packages. This means that you will own the land that the display home stands on as well. This is a great bargain, as the best and least fluid investment you can make is on real estate. Goodluck with your house hunting!

Car and Home Insurance – How to Save Up to 25% by Combining the Two

Even though it seems unnecessary to spend money on something that we will probably never use, we all spend thousands on car- and home insurance. Many people wouldn’t pay for insurance if they had a choice, but they don’t because of these reasons:

1. The law requires everyone driving a car to insure it. Mortgage companies require the same from home-owners.
2. Insurance is recommendable for anyone who can’t assume the financial consequences of not being insured in a worst case scenario: that’s most of us!
3. It is a lot more relaxing knowing that you are insured.

But what many people don’t know is that we can save thousands every year by following some simple tips:

Bundle your insurances: insurance companies will offer discounts of up to 20% if you choose to insure both your house and your car with the same company. Add a second car and the premium will drop yet another 15%. This also saves you worrying about different insurances with different conditions. Furthermore it grows a business-client relationship which can prove very valuable when you need help with a major claim.

House insurance is used to insure against thefts, natural disasters like fires, common accidents etc. In most house insurances guests are also insured, so for example if you have a guest at your house and her handbag would be robbed while she was staying, the insurance would cover her handbag. House insurance policies normally don’t include expensive items like jewelry, these need to be insured separately. Flood insurance or earthquake insurance is also not normally included, so if you live in an area where this happens frequently then it would be advisable to get additional coverage.

There are many ways to save on house insurance premiums. These include:

1.Having sensible protection. Burglar and fire detectors will greatly lower your premium, since there is less chance of your house being robbed or burned down. Doors and windows with security fittings also help lower premiums.
2.Living in an area with a low crime rate. Obviously some areas have more crime than others, this greatly affects your insurance.
3.Low valued house. The lower your house is valued, the lower the chance there is that burglars will attempt to rob your house.
4.Living in compounds. These tend to have more security than free standing houses.
5.Use BUNDLING. Insure your house by the same insurance company as you insure your house with.

Car insurance does the same thing, it insures your car against theft, accidents etc.
There are many different ways to save money on car insurance.

1.First of all, get as many quotes as possible – many people overlook this and get one or two quotes, get at least 5 quotes, the internet is a great way of looking for these quotes (they also tend to be cheaper over the internet)
2.Raise your deductible – raising the deductible from $250 to $1000 could lower your premium with about 50%!
3.Drop the collision rate if your car is not very expensive.
4.Ask for Discounts – there is no better way to get discounts than to ask for them, don’t forget to also ask for upcoming discounts.
5.Use BUNDLING – insure your car by the same insurance company as you insure your house with.

Owner Financed Houses or Homes – What Does That Mean Exactly?

Owner financed houses or homes in its most simple terms means that the owner of the property will be the one financing the property for you instead of (in most cases) requiring you to go to a mortgage company to get a loan to purchase the home. Once a deal has been consummated you will make your payments to the “owner” instead of a bank. That is the single biggest difference between owner financing and typical bank financing.

Because the owner is financing the home for you they can be much more flexible on terms including the interest rate and down payment amount etc. These are all negotiable from the purchase price to length of the loan as well as interest rate and many other components of the loan. As with conventional loans with a bank many people seem to believe that these terms are set in stone when they are not even with banks you can always negotiate terms and any component of the loan you desire however most people do not and just accept what they are offered which is a mistake since you have the potential to lose many thousands of dollars over the course of the loan when you could just as easily save that same amount.

There are several real estate companies as well as individuals who are offering houses and homes with owner financing as a way to fill up many vacancies that have occurred in today’s real estate marketplace. You simply need to search for them and you do not have to look very hard since they are in all the local newspapers as well as the internet and available through real estate agents and brokers throughout the USA. Many bargains are to be had since conventional financing methods are much more difficult than they were even a few years ago.

If you are looking to get a home and can’t or won’t go through conventional bank financing then try owner financing as many do not even perform a credit check and allow you to purchase with no qualifying and no credit check and with excellent terms

Open House For Home Buyers

In markets where there are numerous homes and properties for sale, there are often ‘open houses’ where prospective buyers and clients would come in and check out home and property units. The practice has been one of the most usual and proven effective tactics and measures to further convince and entice buyers to transact purchase activities.

For sure you have gone to an open house. You surely have seen and checked out the interiors and exteriors of units that are currently available in the market. You could also have been enticed to buy or at least almost buy. Thus, you can be a living testimony that indeed, open houses are instrumental in making real estate and home building firms’ revenues and income concrete.

But did you know that there are studies and polls that prove otherwise? In the United States alone, a 2004 research conducted by industry body National Association of Realtors indicate that about 87% of home and property buyers really find open houses highly useful in their endeavors to search appropriate houses. However, the study has also found out that a good number of people going to such open houses are not very serious about the prospects from the activity.

Out of purpose

This brings about a new and modern perception and issue about open houses and home hunting. Some analysts and experts explain that some people are not really observing the usefulness of open houses simply because those people are in the first place not intending to buy prior to going to open houses. However enticing and convincing an open house is, if the prospective buyer does not intend to make the purchase due to lack of budget or other factors, nothing can come out of the activity.

In fact, many goers to open house activities these days openly admit that they only go to kill time or entertain themselves in a usually idle Sunday afternoon. Some people only go to check out the latest in designs, while others simply want to peek at how the neighborhoods’ kitchens look like. Still, many go with groups just to find exciting places to chit chat and have gossips.

Still effective

Real estate and home players reiterate that whatever the purpose of goers is, open houses are still serving their purpose. Sales figures and expressions of interest are already enough to prove that indeed, the market is still persuaded and eluded by modern and display units at open houses.

That is why many villages, condominiums and other home and real estate centers are still offering and conducting open house activities. As a marketing activity and tool, such sales activities undoubtedly are still among the most effective and most reliable. An open house is still a good way to break a ground and pave the ground to entering the interests and attention of the ever-demanding and discerning market.

My Dog is Chewing Me Out of House and Home!

Is your puppy chewing everything he or she can get their month on? Or do you have an older dog that is chewing everything in sight? This is common in dogs and is part of their nature to chew. Before you kill the dog (just kidding) or beat the dog (again just kidding), let’s look at why do puppies or older dogs chew on things in the first place.

The Puppy

A puppy normally chews, especially on hard things, because they are teething. Just like any other baby it feels good on their gums and helps the new teeth to break through the gums. Now this is not to say that you are to let them chew on the furniture, your favorite pair of shoes or just anything. You have let them know that they cannot chew on your things. So give them things that they can chew. Like a hard rubber toys or the nylon chew bones.

I have found that a frozen treat works well. It not only gives them something to chew, it also feels good to their gums too. Here something that my dogs really love and some of them are 10 years old too, you know those trays that you make popsicles in try taking some of your dry puppy food and put it some water and then put the mix in to the Popsicle trays and place the trays in the freezer until they are frozen. My dogs prefer that dry food is still hard and not amalgamated (mixed in the water). It gives the puppy-sicle some flavor and they like chewing on the hard frozen dog food. You can use canned puppy food too. This will give him or her hours of chewing fun

.The Older Dog

Remember that it is in a dog’s nature to chew and there three general reasons that a dog will chew on things:

1. It’s fun, it passes the time, and it’s a self-rewarding, self-reinforcing activity (for example, if he or she is chewing on something that tastes good.)

2. Chewing provides a nervous, bored, or lonely dog with an outlet for his or her emotions. To an anxious dog, the repetitive act of chewing is soothing – it’s the dog’s equivalent of comfort food.

3. Under exercised dogs often use chewing as a way of burning up nervous energy and giving themselves something to do.


1.Dog proof your home. This means taking whatever you don’t want to end up in their mouth, and making it unavailable.

2. Prevent the dog from learning the joys of illegal chewing. The more times they manage to get a mouth of a forbidden substance the more readily they will target those items in future.

3. Don’t set them up for failure by blurring the boundaries between their stuff) and your stuff. Do not offer your dog cast-off clothes, shoes, or towels to chew and play with: realistically, you cannot possibly expect them to be able to tell the difference between your current shoes and the one they have in their mouth that you gave them five minutes ago.

4. Give them lots of tasty alternatives to your stuff. If their environment is relatively barren of attractive, appropriate chewing objects, you cannot blame them for targeting your possessions. Remember, most dogs need to chew; if the dog is an adolescent (under three years) or a puppy (under one year), their needs will be even more pronounced.

5. Be more active with your dog. Remember dogs get bored just like we do, so you have to spend some time playing with too.

6. When you catch them chewing something that they shouldn’t be chewing, DO NOT HIT THEM, make a loud noise. Like clap your hands or the thing I use is put some pennies in an empty soda can and rattle at them. It works for me. Then give something that they are allowed to chew on. There is a lot more that I could on this subject, but I am limited to space.

House and Contents Insurance Review

It is very important for anyone with a home to understand in full details the usefulness of house and contents insurance and how it helps in protecting you, your loved ones and your priced properties just in case a disaster occurs. The insurance policy covers both your property and your possessions.

If your house is vandalized or a disaster occurs that destroys your home, you are very sure of being covered. Home and content insurance covers your home and valuable properties which could include jewellery, clothing, furniture, bedding, utensils and all other things in the house. Most people don’t realize the importance of getting covered. No one prays for a disaster, but just in case it happens, how are you sure of getting your properties back without breaking the bank? Claims can be made if your home is destroyed beyond repair through storm, fire, water leakage, vandalism, theft, etc.

When looking to take a house and content insurance, it is very important to read the terms of the agreement and what it covers before signing an agreement. It is important that the insurance covers the cost of rebuilding the house and not just the market value. The policy should also cover properties taken out of the house which may include your camera, valuables in your handbag and keys. The policy should be able to provide you with an alternative home until your repairs are done. Make sure you understand fully the maximum amount the insurance company is willing to pay out and if it is suitable to cover all your expenses. Most people look out for prices when requesting quotes from insurance companies. It’s great, but the disadvantage is getting a quote that lacks quality or getting one that doesn’t match your requirements. If in doubt, ring up the customer service representatives to double check.

Build Your Dream Home With A House and Land Package

If you have decided to build your dream home and would like to know exactly what you can expect from the outset, then selecting a house and land package from a reputable house building company is the best place to start. Finding pre-fabricated house plans online is easy. There are plenty of designers and builders who offer a huge selection of online show homes to view and various floor plans to check out, no matter what you might be looking for. When researching house and land packages make sure that the home building company offers show homes in your area. Nothing beats actually walking around a real life replicate of what could be your future home. Your dream home can be realised with the right building company, but you have to know what you are looking for.

So many people are choosing new construction because it allows them a chance to get exactly what they want. You have to step back and ask yourself what you are looking for in your dream home, outline a realistic budget and make plans for selling or renting your current dwelling. You can create your ideal home with the help of a building company that offers a selection of house and land packages. Your budget is going to play a large role in your final choice, so make sure that you always put that first. A huge advantage to working with a professional house building company is that they have every step of the process laid out for you to view. You will know what is happening throughout the building process and can plan your move in date accordingly.

It is important to fully research the building company with the perfect house and land package before you commit yourself to any legal contracts. Take the time to review testimonials online and read all the small print relating to guarantees. Check out their certifications, training, and reputation within their industry and the community to ensure that you are choosing the best building company to work with before you even get started.

Getting the chance to build your dream home is an exciting endeavour, but having the right professional advice and assistance throughout the building process will make all the difference. So many people rush into this process and get overwhelmed with the volume of work and decisions that need to be made and/or become frustrated with their builder over lack of communication and direction. You can avoid this issue if you simply take the time to select the right building company with great credentials, plus an amazing collection of house and land packages to choose from in your area.

Generation Homes – House/Land Packages is a multi-award winning home building company with locations across New Zealand.

House and Pet Sitters – Tips on Selecting Them

If you are a frequent traveler or you are just leaving out of town for a while, one good way to help you keep your house safe and secured and your pets well-fed while you are away is to hire house and pet sitters. You can actually hire a house sitter, as one of his responsibilities is to take care of your pets as well.

House sitting is one good way to keep your house in good condition, secure and of course, you can be spared from the many hassles of renting your home. For a house sitter, it will also save him rental cost while vacationing or doing business in a particular place.

If you are interested in getting a house sitter that can house sit your house while you are away, you can start by looking at some directories online that provide a wide selection of sitters. You can also find some description and profiles of house and pet sitters in these directories and thus, you can easily screen them easily according to your preferences.

Of course, it is important to screen your sitters well, as you are entrusting them your home, your pet and your properties. If you intend to put your house for house sitting, here are some tips that you might find useful in selecting your house and pet sitters.

Screen your house sitters according to your preferences. Do you want individuals, couples, retirees or students? Of course, if you have a bigger house and many things need to be taken cared of while you are away, you may want to have a couple to take care of your property, and there are lots of considerations.

Ask for references, check their backgrounds and verify the qualifications of your potential house sitters. Of course, you don’t want any trouble with your house sitting arrangement, so before giving the go signal, make sure that you are letting a responsible person take care of your house and your properties.

If you intend to have your sitters take care of your pets too, make sure also that you are getting a house sitter who also love pets and can manage to take care of them. Although you will be giving detailed instructions about it before you leave your pets to your sitter, it is a good advantage to leave them with pet lovers.

A personal interview is also a must in accepting house sitters for your home. You can have a list of your expectations for the house and pet sitters, and you can ask them their experiences in handling certain tasks like taking care of pets or maintaining a pool. For some house owners, they would ask a security bond or deposit, and most often, credible sitters would have no problems complying with this rule.

Of course, if you have a hint of doubt if the sitters can do the responsibilities that you are giving him, then you always have the choice to say no as early as possible. If it is possible to see the sitter’s home, it would also be an advantage.

Putting your agreement in writing also has its own advantages, especially if you are not getting house sitters from agencies.

Understanding the Correlation Between Mortgage Rates and Home Sale Numbers

Common sense will tell you that the sales of homes increase when mortgage interest rates decline and the sales of homes decreases when mortgage interest rates increase. The logic hinges on the belief that interest rates determine affordability. If rates increase, affordability decreases thus the sales of homes should decrease. The sales of homes in the current housing market shows there is no correlation between rates and home sale numbers. The problem with common sense is that it is sometimes wrong.

The number one factor that drives home sales is affordability not mortgage rates. Mortgage rates may influence whether or not a person buys a house but it is not the limiting factor like affordability is. People will buy a house if they are able to afford the price.

What is affordability? Affordability is made up of many factors. The interest rate on mortgages is one factor. Most lenders require a mortgage payment to be a debt to income ratio of 32 percent or less. Lower interest rates will allow a person to qualify but have their loan application rejected at a higher interest rate. If interest rates start to increase, the number of homes sold has a jump in sales because people rush to purchase before the rates increase to a point they can no longer afford to purchase the house.

Another factor is the amount of down payment that is required to purchase a house. If a person can purchase a house with only a 3 percent down payment they may be able to purchase a house. If you push the down payment to 20 percent, that person may no longer have sufficient funds to purchase the house. The amount spent on closing costs can also be a deal breaker in purchasing a house.

The price of homes is another determining factor for the sale of homes. Lower priced homes have a larger pool of qualified buyers so the sales of these homes are quite brisk. Yet sales of more expensive homes are not as brisk.

With the current downturn in the housing market, sales of homes have decline for the past year. This has occurred even though the interest rate on mortgages has been at an almost 50 year low. If there was a strong correlation between mortgage rates and home sale numbers, then the sales of homes would be increasing due to the historically low mortgage rates. This shows there is no correlation between mortgage rates and home sales.